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80s power jacket

Updated: Jan 20, 2019

Do you expect a post about fashion to be short & sweet? It’s reasonably short just like my 80s power jacket but I don’t know about sweet.

Captain Wrona

Well, it would be if fashion didn’t get all political and had nothing to do with society. But it has everything to do with society and it did get very political in the 80s when women became part of a business environment traditionally dominated by men. This is when power dressing was born. A woman had to prove her worth in the business world. Having brains wasn’t enough and gaining authority and respect involved establishing a strong visual identity... at that point in history strong meant masculine. Margaret Thatcher is a perfect epitome of this.

There is more, in 1980, there even was a manual for women (written by a man of course) on how to dress to be successful in the corporate environment Women: dress for success by John T. Molloy (see Women: dress for success)

Not to say that women didn’t experiment with masculine garments before. The very first female suit so called chanel suit was designed in 1916 by Coco Chanel. Let me also remind you about Marlene Dietrich’s powerful look (‘30).

I’m glad we are now realising that the male body is also sexy. We can only hope that one day someone designs a type of outfit for men that covers as much as possible ‘cause maaan it’s so distracting seeing them walk around the office the way they do… ;)

Anyhow, no one has a stronger/cooler visual identity than Grace Jones. Whether a man, a woman or non-binary. With a power jacket on or without it. So get in the sea everyone.

The Absolute Coolest Grace Jones